Know all the services we offer. It will not be indifferent and get everything your vehicle needs.

We have all the vehicles of the Opel range and a large stock of used cars and km 0. In addition, we repurchased your used car as part payment for your current purchase

Mechanical and electrical workshop

In our center you can perform maintenance on your vehicle, carried out by highly qualified professionals.

Paint and bodyshop workshop

Your car is your image. All operations are performed by qualified professionals using the latest technological advances in facilities, equipment, products and paint systems of the highest quality and guarantees of OPEL. We also have a service within the Quick Body Opel workshop specializing in the repair of small bumps and scratches. With maximum reliability and in less than 24 hours.

Original Opel parts

We only use origina OPEL parts, all operations performed have 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship. Have previous estimate and take advantage of our experience

Original Opel accesories

Alloy wheels, steering wheel and even the roof bars, the quality of the accessories range has been rigorously proven. Original Design stamp guarantees that every accessory OPEL fits your car, ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety.

Replacement car

When your car is in the shop, do not worry. You can have a replacement vehicle at a reduced price and continue enjoying the road.


We have specialized staff to meet their financing needs, making it a personalized study, both for the time you estimate as to the amounts of quotas.


We seek the best price for your car insurance, we collaborate with the most important companies processed all the necessary requirements.